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Wood Beaver Firewood Processor




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1 to 2 plus Full Cords per Hour (128 cubic feet) (Based on size and length)
Cuts up to 16” + Diameter
Splits Wood from 3” to 24” Lengths
3.5-4.5 Second Splitter Cycle Both out and Back!! WOW "Fastest On The Market"
PTO Driven Pump
Hydraulic Oil Cooler On PTO Unit Standard
Hydraulic Saw 18” Harvester Bar and 3/8" 58 gauge Chain
Live Infeed - Mill Grade Infeed Belt for Positive Infeed - Durability
Hwy Wheel Package~3 Point Hitch Available for Deduct
Clean Out Grate
8' Stacking Conveyor "Optional 4' adder"
Saw Dust Clean Out Chute
Protective Lockout Covers - Splitting & Cutting
Log Length “Cam” Measure System - Moves, Relives Cut
2- 4-way and 6 way (opt) Wedge Quick changeable/ Wedge System
Manual Saw Bar and Wedge Adjustment Optional Hydraulic