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DURABLE - because our unique design utilizes relief valves, our machines can take any form of punishment. If an overload is encountered, the relief valve absorbs the force, keeping the hydraulic system safe.
CONSTANT - our hydraulic systems are mated to their engine's horsepower. This creates an extremely efficient machine whose components are never over-worked.
RELIABLE - the use of hydraulics mean there are no belts, chains, or gears to wear out. This keeps the operator working rather than replacing parts.
PRACTICAL - hydraulic components are reversible. This means that our tillers counter-rotate, as do our trenchers. This is a helpful feature when trying to dislodge debris or break new ground.
VERSATILE - the use of hydraulic power allows for power steering, and wheel drive speed that is independent of tine or chain speed. This proves invaluable for working different soil types.
NO MICRO SWITCHES - let us repeat that: NO MICRO SWITCHES! Why our competition uses them is beyond our comprehension. Electrical components are extremely vulnerable to heat and moisture, two conditions that are constant in the landscaping world - hence the reason we don't use them.
SAFE - we incorporate a safety clutch on all our machines. It's mounted on the handle. You have to hold it to operate the machine (takes no effort) and just let go of it when you want. The machine ceases all functions.
EASY TO USE - we have 'set and go' controls. No struggling with maintaining speed, or boom depth. Simply set the controls and forget about them.
HEAVY - yeah, we hear it all the time, 'Your machines are so BIG!' Yes they are, but it's no accident. A heavy tiller tears into the ground much easier and won't tear you up trying to use it. Weight keeps our trenchers from 'bucking' which saves you energy and keeps your trench straight.
TOUGH - we build these machines with the rigors of rental use in mind. They're BIG and they're BAD. A rental yard can expect the best return on investment they've ever seen on a machine. A homeowner can expect to never have to buy another tiller or trencher again. Barreto - Built to perform, built to last.